Less than 24 hours to go…

Well, 24 hours from now, I will be on a plane heading back home to the states. This will likely be my last entry for a little while… *sniffle*

I was treated to lunch yet again by Alan today, and on friday, it was the other Alan, and this past sunday, it was Aaron, and a few weekends before it was Vincent and Aidan. I owe so many people lunch that if I ever see them in the states, I’ll go broke owing up to them all. :) Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be glad to finally be going home after more than 5 weeks here in Dublin, but I will miss the people I’ve been hanging out with while I’ve been here. Well, there will be another A&E meeting in October, apparently. I’ll get to see them all again then.

But I’ll be bringing a new bodhran and some shirts home with me, and I’ll be hard pressed to fit all of it in my luggage. I will do my best when I pack up tonight… Gotta leave fairly early tomorrow morning, but at least not quite as early as the other guys from the states. I suppose that’s the benefit of booking earlier in advance.

I didn’t get a chance to see everything I wanted to while I was here, which is too bad… I would’ve liked to see the causeway up near Belfast, and I sure would’ve liked to get around to seeing Scotland. Oh well… next time.

At least I should finally be able to catch up on my sleep. Going back in time 5 hours during my flight tomorrow should help.

T-minus 4 days and counting…

Wow, this business trip is coming to it’s closure far faster than I would have expected. I keep ending up staying up late and getting up with only a few hours before work. :( But ah well, I had a fun weekend… or at least, a fun day. I kind of got stood-up a bit on Saturday. Patrick never called me, said he lost his phone or something… *sigh* So I didn’t end up seeing Celtic Tiger at the Olympia Theatre, but at least Aaron took me to see Newgrange today. I got some nice pictures, too. Check ‘em out.

Next week is the conference thing. Only 2 days, I think, but it’s supposed to be boring as hell. We’ll see if I can manage to post any more entries.

Day 22 - Been a while

Wow, it’s been yet another long break since I posted to this blog. Sorry if I kept anybody in suspense, but after Dave left last monday evening, I was kind of lonely again and didn’t feel like drinking, and then on Thursday, I started getting sick. :( I’ve been laid up in bed in my hotel room all weekend with the flu, but I’ve been logging on and chatting and generally having a good time, so it wasn’t all boring. I got a little bored yesterday, but Ireland is a Roman Cathlic country, and alas, it means that everything was closed. My hair cut will have to wait ’til later… maybe tonight. Perhaps I will bravely ask if they do eyebrow waxes as well. *shudder*

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about doing some more writing, but I would feel bad to start yet another fic that I won’t get around to finishing, so I feel like I should continue writing ‘They Grey Piper of Atlantis’, but damn if I can’t think of a good ending for it! I need a good climax and resolution to tie up the loose ends of the story, something that will thoroughly freak out any unprepared readers. :P Well, I’ll just have to think about it some more. I just hope it doesn’t take yet another 6 months.

I’m going to try to send some of my stuff out via the post to Ricardo… The bodhran and some gifts just won’t fit in my bags when I leave Ireland. I would like to see if I could visit either England or Scotland while I’m here, but I fear I won’t be able to get any decent prices this late. I’d have planned it this past weekend, but being sick, I just didn’t feel like it… I am hesitant to go out on my own like that, and I’d have to leave the majority of my stuff behind and buy a duffel bag for the rest. Should I? I dunno. Depends on what kinds of fun things to do that I might be able to find in Scotland. :S

Day 11 - The weekend is here!

Man, I’m psyched! Dave should be snoozing back at the hotel right now as I type this. He got in on an early flight and had better be catching up on his Zzzz’s, or he’s going to be really tired tonight when we go out. :) I’m really nervous about meeting him finally, but we seem to have a lot in common, so I’m excited as well. I’ll have someone to go out drinking with over the St. Patrick’s holiday, at least. :)

Will remember to bring my camera along with me tonight to take pictures. Yeah, it’s been a while since I transferred any pictures off of it, hasn’t it? I’ll try to remember to do that this weekend.

Day 9 - Looking forward to the weekend

Well, it’s sad news about Scott… I will keep him in my thoughts and hope all goes well. But there is still much to celebrate - St. Patrick’s Day weekend is this coming weekend, and Dave has made plans to come and see me during that time. We’ll get drunk and surely have a good time doing it. Will have to look and see what other things we can plan to do during that time.

Short post today as I’ve got to finish my shift here at work… ugh, some of these training presentations are really boring.

Day 7 - Catching Up

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. I was pretty busy over the weekend… I bought a 179 euro bodhran (on sale) and a couple of 15 euro McCallum bagpipe reeds while I was out on saturday. It’s pretty pricey, I suppose, probably as much as it would’ve costed me to buy it in the states if I was to order it online after I pay to have it shipped over to Ricardo, but I am pretty satisfied knowing that I can say I actually bought it myself in Ireland. And the McCallum reeds are actually pretty nice. They told me at the store (the only one in town that sells reeds, apparently) that they were supposed to be medium reeds, but I tried one in my chanter and I think it’s actually on the easy side.

I must’ve walked a good 10 miles through town this weekend. I didn’t want to bother with a bus on saturday as I wandered around, and on Sunday, I decided to take a trip (and ended up walking the whole 3.5 miles back because I was half wrecked when I left ;)) out to the Brazen Head pub, built and founded in 1192. Their food is excellent, and apparently the place is always completely packed. If I go back again, I’m making sure I take a seat next to where the band plays early, like right when the place opens. But the pub has a nice atmosphere… I talked with a nice guy who was a portrait artist while I was there named Stephen who said he was from Bangor, which is about 10 miles from Belfast in the north. He even gave me his address and phone number and said to give him a ring if I decide to explore up north. Now, if someone had done this back home in the states, I think I’d be pretty creeped out, but he was there with his family, so I think he was sincere. ;)

Ricardo, I’ve got some vids I’ll encode for ya. One of them is Dirty Old Town. Sorry, the band that played was EXCELLENT, had a wonderful fiddler and a guy great on the whistle too, but I’ve only got 2 vids. It was so packed, I couldn’t even stand by the steps without getting knocked over every other minute by a waitress trying to squeeze by. :S

Anyway, another busy week at work started today, but St. Patricks Day weekend is coming! There will be celebrating and drinking all weekend long, and then a jam session at the pub next door to my hotel next tuesday! Yay, I’ll get to try out my new bodhran and maybe even my whistle as well.

Wish you guys were here!

I’m going to regret this in the morning…

I’m so going to regret this in the morning… but I did so much drinking tonight, it’s not even funny. This is the only time I’ve EVER felt like I wantede to puke aftger a night of drinking. First Phil bought me a drink, then Patrick, then Miles… I don’t even know who it was who bought me the fourth drink, but I feel like I wanna puke. :S

I think I’m going to go to the bathroom and puke now… if I’m really lucky, my stomach will allow me to bypass most of the misery and simply let me go to bed sommetime in the nexxt few minutes.

“May the lovers of THIS never want!”

Day 2 in Dublin - Carolann Makes a Friend

Well, I just got back from the pub in the basement of the restaurant that’s next to the hotel here, and there I saw Vincent, a guy from Belgium who was brought over to Dublin over for the week (and next week as well) by my company, staying in the same hotel. We chatted up about the nuances of the English language, accents, about the company, and about interests in general… And nope, before you even ask if I thought he was cute, he’s married. :)

Today was my first day at work, which was fairly uneventful at best, plain boring at worst, but the people there are very nice, and even the bus drivers were quite kind enough to point out the correct bus stop for me. I went shopping at Tesco after I got back to my hotel, and there’s naught much to eat that will keep for a while, but I picked up some essentials while I was there: soda, batteries, and some tissues. Hopefully I’ll have a couple of pics I can put up tomorrow, but most will be this weekend. I intend to tour Dublin this weekend, and of course, next weekend is Patrick’s Day weekend. Hopefully Dave or TJ will be able to join me for the celebration! *cheers*

Whew, the Guinness around here really packs a whallop! Vincent was kind enough to buy me to a beer, and I’m either still exhausted or my constitution is weak against fresh Irish Guinness… likely both. :)

My first day in Dublin town

Well, my first day in Dublin is coming to an end… I hope. I arrived at Dublin’s airport a half hour early, only to spend almost 40 minutes simply waiting for my baggage to be put out on the carousel. I then took a cab from the airport to the hotel, which cost 50 euros because of traffic. I swear, traffic around here is as bad as DC. I’d gotten no sleep on the plane of course, and the weather had turned rainy again, so I just didn’t bother to go out, took a 3 0r 4 hour nap, and got some dinner at the empty restaurant next door. It seems most people come for dinner around 7pm, so I was a bit early, but I really wasn’t in the mood to be social anyway. I’m too exhausted, so I’m going to chill here in my room, catch up on my email, and see if anybody comes online before I pass out again.

I did get to see some sights while I was in the cab (Joe, the driver, was very nice), but sorry, no pictures yet… The batteries in my camera died, and it turns out I brought the wrong kind of outlet adapter, so I can’t recharge them. I’m feeling too lazy to walk across the street to buy some new batteries right now, but I’ll try to do it tomorrow.

My First Official Blog

It’s nearly 3am and I’m still awake… mostly. It’s the day before Christmas eve and I’ve not really done anything of value today. I should’ve done my last-minute shopping, but I couldn’t be bothered to interrupt my reading. Honestly, the story I’m reading right now (SGAFan’s “Demons”) really isn’t all that great - the Stargate Atlantis universe obviously revolves around Sheppard - but I’ve certainly read worse. A lot worse.

I’ve been thinking about doing some more writing. I know I should finish my more current fic, the one I have thus far named “The Grey Piper of Atlantis”, but I am still not sure how to end the damn thing, and until I can figure it out, I’m just not going to be motivated to finish it. I have lately been more interested in certain less-respected subsets of fan-fiction in general, and in fact, I’m tempted to start yet another new one… Well, the details will simply have to work themselves out first, but I think I would like to make this more of a character piece.

In the meantime, Christmas time is here, and I’ve done absolutely NO shopping whatsoever. Aren’t I bad?